Learn About Accredited Online College Courses

For some people, getting their college degrees through traditional means (going to a brick and mortar building,

sitting for hours listening to lectures, going back home to study and mull over the lectures of the day) is just plain impossible. Some of them may be geographically distant from their preferred college, others may not have the means for needed for boarding and traveling in order to study in a traditional brick and mortar school. Others still may already have jobs that are essential to the continued survival of them and their families. For them, online college courses are a welcome respite.

Online college courses are vastly efficient and economic options in getting a college degree. With online education difficulties in schedule, distance and money are greatly lowered so that more people can partake of the course compared to traditional school courses.

However, online college courses still have obstacles to hurdle. Primary of these is the proliferation of fake online college course offerings. These online companies greatly diminish the credibility of online degrees. Thus, it is very important to make sure that the online college has the proper accreditation in order to ensure that the online college course will be honorable.

Accreditation of online college courses is the best way that the college course is of high quality and is recognized by the education board. Some online colleges are also extensions of existing brick and mortar schools. As such, many companies prefer graduates from these colleges instead of those from internet only colleges. The practice is unfair but understandable as companies are very wary of fake online college diplomas.

A few ways to detect an accredited online college course are:

  • To check at the US Department of Education about the accreditation of the online college course
  • To check whether the internet college is listed as legitimate at the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
  • TO check with the Diploma Mill Police which serves to authenticate Internet colleges and Internet online college courses.

Some disreputable online colleges also have the practice of creating fake accreditation agencies and accredit themselves. It is important to use only the three mentioned agencies when checking for the accreditation of online colleges.