In Some Places a Masters in Education is Required to Teach

Some people look for excitement when considering a future career. Others choose fame and glamour.

Or intellectual stimulation or creative freedom. Still others look for big paychecks and stock options.

Many people who look for steady work in a reliably steadfast industry pursue a masters in education so they can meet the qualifications required to secure a job in the second largest industry in the United States. Only the medical industry is larger than the education industry.

Teaching positions account for about half of the 13.3 million jobs in the education industry and while not all of them require a masters in education, this level of degree will qualify the graduate to apply for more positions than a bachelors degree does.

Some school systems also reward teachers who hold a masters in education with a bigger paycheck than those in similar positions who have only a bachelors degree. This is a pay policy that varies by location and may be the impetus behind choosing among job offers.

Teaching isn’t the only part of the occupation open to applicants with a masters in education degree. School administrators and those in supervisory positions, such as the assistant and head principals, must have this level of training in most school districts.

The postsecondary school systems are also good places for someone with a masters in education to look for jobs that are especially intellectually stimulating. Working with adults pursuing advanced educations themselves is sure to generate lively discussion and some very creative ideas.

In many cases, special education teachers are required to hold a masters degree in education along with any specialized training that will allow the teacher to better relate to students with learning or physical impairments. The projected growth rate for special education teachers puts such teachers in very high demand, at least until the year 2016, the end date for current government job predictions.

In fact, the growth rate for jobs in all sectors of the education industry is projected to be higher than most. Listing a masters in education degree on a resume simply puts your name closer to the top of the list of likely candidates.