Earning a Psychology Degree Online Can Be Quicker Than in a Four Year School

Two of the most exciting trends these days are the popularity of online learning opportunities and the

demand for qualified personnel in the rapidly growing field of psychology. The federal government has suggested the rate of growth for workers in the field of psychology is about 15%, higher than the growth rate expected for most other industries.

Considering these two factors, it seems obvious that earning a psychology degree online is a great way to break into this very attractive job market.

This would be true as long as a perspective student verifies the accreditation status of the learning institution offering psychology degree online learning programs. Accreditation is a key element in securing an education that will be considered valid and useful on the job market.

Psychology is a field of medicine that should never be taken lightly and the education process that backs the profession is regulated by a multilayered series of entities. In fact, getting a psychology degree online or off is usually the first step in a long system of training.

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Many major universities and colleges that offer psychology degrees on campus also offer a psychology degree online, especially at the bachelor’s level. Unfortunately, a bachelor’s degree does not qualify the graduate to sit for state licensing or certification exams, which are required everywhere in the United States.

Fewer educational facilities offer master’s level psychology degree online programs and those that do enjoy keen competition for enrollment, just as their on-campus counterparts do. It’s this level of education that allows entrance to those state exams that lead to lucrative employment as a psychologist to one extent or another.

The very best jobs in the industry are reserved for graduates holding doctoral degrees in psychology and this level of education usually involves anywhere from five to seven years of studying for the psychology degree online or in person. The training period includes original research and a lengthy dissertation based upon it, internship, and, finally, successful completion of state licensing or certification exams.

The future looks quite bright for this occupation but it’s not a goal that can be easily or quickly achieved, even when studying for a psychology degree online.