A Degree in Counselor Education Can Help You Get a Great Job

To spend one’s life helping other people is a noble career choice. Many people choose this path and hold jobs as doctors, nurses, social workers

therapists, and other similar positions. It takes more than a compassionate nature, however, to provide the most beneficial help.

Many compassionate people choose the path of the counselor as the means of helping others through the rough or confusing spots in life. To provide the msot effective help, a kind heart needs proper training in an accredited school program that focuses on the industry of counseling.

To get the best counselor education, it is important to make sure that all studies are done at a properly accredited institute of higher learning. One sure sign of value is to enroll in a school that is a member of the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

cacrep is chartered with the mission of promoting professional competence on a standardized basis within all its affiliated schools. By establishing a high standard of education on a nationwide basis, the council raises the ethical standard of all graduates of counselor education programs.

The council was founded, under a different name, in the 1970s, when its mission was to study whether or not a standardized national accreditation program was feasible. Through a series of name and mission changes, the current accrediting body, cacrep, is credited with influencing education and state licensing standards across the country.

Before going into business, most states require a specified counselor education program and testing in order to issue a license to practice for the counselors within its state jurisdiction. Most states accept the standards established by cacrep.

Even though each state mandates its own standards for counselor education and testing before licensure, most of them accept the National Counselor Exam for Licensure and Certificaiton (NCE) as developed by cacrep.

Counselor education programs are available across the country at many of the major colleges and universities. Many online learning programs are available, too. Regardless of which path a perspective counsellor chooses to take, it is a wise idea to make sure the chosen learning institution is accredited by cacrep.

A kind heart, insight into human nature, and good intentions are wonderful attributes for a counselor of any sort to hold. To become a valued professional in the field, however, an accredited counselor education provides the key to licensure, certificaiton, and credibility.