Education Scholarships are a Great Way to Save Money

Ask any parent what are the first three things that come to mind when they think about their

children’s education and they’re likely to tell you tuition money, housing money, and spending money.

A college education is an expensive endeavor, no matter how you look at it but there are many ways to minimize expenses and get financial assistance for those expenses that can’t be minimized.

One outstanding way to offset college expenses is with education scholarships. Education scholarships come from many sources and in many sizes but they are all invaluable in financing a college degree.

Education scholarships are monies awarded, usually to a high school student, for exemplary achievement in a particular situation. Some scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate financial need and to older students, as well as those just graduating from high school.

Colleges and universities frequently offer education scholarships to students who earn very high scores on college entrance exams. They understand that smart students are assets to their learning institutes and want to entice these top-level scholars to enroll in their school.

Civic organizations often offer education scholarships, too. Local chapters of the Lions and Rotary Clubs frequently reward high school students with scholarships when the students have assumed roles of leadership within their communities.

Large corporations sometimes provide education scholarships to the children of their employees. This may not be a benefit discussed as widely as health insurance or a 401(k) plan but it may be an option nevertheless. Check with the benefits coordinator in your human resources department for details.

Church organizations proudly present education scholarships to the high school graduates bound for college in their congregations. Most churches have men’s and women’s organizations that allocate a certain amount of their funds to college-bound church members.

It’s quite rare that a student is presented with education scholarships that will cover all college-related expenses, leaving no out-of-pocket expenses for the student or family to contribute but there are many, many sources of scholarship monies available that will certainly come in handy.