SAT Prep Resources

Although much pressure is put on college bound high schools students to achieve high scores on the

SAT’s, preparation can be made much less daunting, and in fact, a quite manageable task. Having a smooth, charted SAT prep plan and timeline can take a lot of the stress off the student during the study process and facilitate a more solid understanding of the material. There are many options in resources available to students in aid in SAT prep, each varying in cost.

At the more costly end of the spectrum are SAT prep classes in which students attend a classroom setting a specified number of times a week and are made familiar with the types of questions asked as well as being refreshed on the actual material in a formal setting. These classes have been statistically proven to increase a student’s SAT scores, but come at prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. This type of cost is not feasible to many families, as well as the time needed to attend these classes in a high school students’ already busy schedule filled with athletic practices, social outings, part time employment and academic work.

A viable option for those needing to undertake SAT prep on their own are the books available in any major bookstore which specialize in SAT prep. These books, available from a few different publishers include SAT practice tests, a breakdown on the types of questions asked, refresher lessons and strategies to best approach different problems. Additionally, more specific SAT prep books are available by subject area. If a student is very strong in the Language Arts such as reading and writing, but needs extra help in math; buying a general SAT prep book along with one specific to the math section could provide the student with materials needed for a thorough SAT prep.

Online resources from the SAT administrators as well as those which generally accompany the purchase of an SAT prep book can provide an extra resource to students preparing for the SAT’s on their own. Additionally, chat rooms and even some high school websites can provide question and answers forums which can facilitate a better understanding of the material in a collaborative forum.