Profiling Successful Graduates with Paralegal Degrees

A decade ago, paralegal degrees were one of the most sought after commodities following college.

Not quite a postgraduate degree, they nonetheless provided an accumulation of skills and much needed background to assist those with college degrees to find a lucrative career in the legal field. Much has changed since then, but when taking a close look at the formation of paralegal degrees that now showcase the respect and industry approval this course of study has received, it becomes obvious that there are more uses for such a degree than initially met the eye.

Profiling successful graduates with paralegal degrees soon proves that while law firms and the court system are the premier employers of these graduates, the private sector, insurance companies, and also advocacy groups are a close second. As a matter of fact, many holders of paralegal degrees no longer consider law firms their primary target for employment but instead seek to join an advocacy group at the onset of their professional life.

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To find out where paralegal degrees can be put to work, one does not have to look further than the police station, penal system, parole board, or even the various paraprofessional organizations that are keeping a vigilant eye on the employability of their members and the marketability of their training. Such organizations have found that paralegal degrees do not have to be logically followed by a stint in law school, but instead may be combined with a career in accounting, business administration, nursing, and a wide variety of other professions where they add a desirable depth of understanding to a well rounded candidate. Even though it would be simplistic to assert that paralegal degrees by themselves will open a plethora of doors, when combined with an already existing career or a set of skills that is directly applicable to law in some way, the variety of doors it will open is almost endless.