With an Education College You Can Earn a Degree To Teach In School

Several generations ago, someone wanting to become a school teacher went to a college devoted to that profession. These schools were often referred to as teaching colleges.

Most of the teaching colleges of yesteryear have been incorporated into major university systems now, which retain education colleges that focus on training school teachers of the future.

Even so, most states can identify one education college within their boundaries that excels or is known as the very best education college in the state. Most of the state’s teachers attend this facility.

Many a school, however, that is not considered an education college offers a perfectly fine teaching program. Graduates of these schools are just as proficient as those that graduate from the more focused education college. The only difference, perhaps, is that there weren’t as many fellow classmates studying for a teaching degree.

There is a great demand for public school teachers today and the demand is expected to grow over the next decade or so as today’s school teachers reach retirement age. In an effort to attract more students interested in the field of education college programs in many states now offer teacher certification training to students majoring in other fields of study besides education.

For graduates of other disciplines who want to change careers into education college programs have been developed that offer a fast track to certification. In many such cases, the student actually teaches classes as part of the training program, thereby easing the burden being felt as teachers retire or pursue alternative careers.

Even with a degree in education college graduation doesn’t always mean the graduate will become a school teacher.

One student of note who graduated from the education college once known as Texas State Teachers College never taught in a classroom. Instead, he chose politics.

Texas State Teachers College has changed names as well as the scope of its curriculum but the name of that famous student stayed the same and will remain familiar for years to come. That noted graduate of education college was Lyndon Baines Johnson, who became president of the United States instead.