An Effective Teaching Course Create Effective Teachers

Today, many states require their teachers to take continuing education courses or

a teaching course in order to renew their teaching credentials. These courses must be completed every three to five years. The teaching course that the teacher chooses to complete is a very important part of teacher training and will eventually can determine rather a teacher is effective or not in the classroom.

Effectiveness Effects Effectiveness

When a teacher is deciding on which teaching course to complete, he/she must take into consideration the effectiveness of the class and the teacher of the class. The teacher must ask such questions as “Is the class worth my time?”, “Will I learn valuable concepts that I can apply to my own classroom?” “Is the instructor an expert in the area he/she is teaching?”

The class that the teacher takes has to be very effective in teaching the materials well because the teacher will take everything he/she learns in this teaching course and apply it directly to his/her classroom environment. The instructor of the course should be an experienced teacher who can stand behind and explain every concept covered in the class. If the instructor is effective in the classroom, then chances are the teacher will also apply the same concepts in his/her classroom and be equally effective. Effectiveness effects effectiveness.

Therefore, when a teacher is deciding upon which teaching course to complete for his/her license renewal, they need to carefully choose classes and instructors that are effective and that can teach them effective skills that they can immediately apply to their own classroom. Teachers should not just choose any class to complete for their license renewal. They should choose a class that will be valuable to them as a teacher, as a professional, and as a person. Taking effective classes will improve the teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom.