Learn The Best Techniques to Find a Masters School

If someone tells you they graduated from high school at Dobbs, don’t run around in circles trying to

find Dobbs High School. It doesn’t really exist, technically speaking, anyway.

Graduates of “Dobbs” are actually graduates of The Masters School, dubbed Dobbs by its students because it is located in Dobbs Ferry, New York. To further confuse the issue, in the city of Dobbs Ferry, the local high school is called Dobbs Ferry High School.

Dobbs Ferry High School is part of the New York State public school system. The Masters School is a private boarding school that offers day studies in college preparatory classes.

Once an all-girls school founded in 1877 by Eliza Bailey Masters, its namesake, The Masters School now admits boys, too, but only since 1996, to its beautiful 96-acre campus which sprawls along the Hudson River Valley near Manhattan.

The Masters School maintains a very high level of excellence in its academic programs, with many graduates continuing their educations at Ivy League colleges. Also impressive is the school’s arts department, where emphasis is placed on fine and performing arts.

Current enrollment at The Masters School numbers at 527, with students in classes ranging from grade 5 through grade 12. Boys and girls attend school together during grade 5 but are separated by gender for grades 6 through 8.

The average class size at The Masters School is somewhat smaller than that of many public schools, with about 18 students per class. The school boasts a very high faculty to student ratio of one faculty member for every seven students.

Students attending The Masters School can enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses in many subjects. Currently offered are AP classes in history, math, the arts, science, English, and foreign languages.

The picturesque campus of The Masters School is a prime location for movies and TV shows, including The Stepford Wives and Law & Order. A recent music video was filmed in the Masters Hall but the video itself was banned from campus. Students trying to view it anyway have been reprimanded for doing so.