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A Design Degree Can Get You Far In Today’s Economy

Got an eye for design? Maybe you just have a knack for arranging things in a pleasing way or dressing

in your own style that always looks unique but gets lots of compliments, too.

If you’re the visual sort pondering what to study in college, you might consider pursuing a design degree. The elements of effective design can be employed in many fields of enterprise although all design is based upon the same few fundamental concepts.

A design degree can lead to a position doing some very functional work, such as designing computer chips, automobiles, and widgets. The overall look of the finished product may seem more functional than glamorous but everyone appreciates the elegance of a good design, no matter how industrial its function.

The typical clotheshorse will likely lean toward a design degree with a more aesthetic and less functional outcome in mind. A beautiful trend-setting design will surely boost a career but function is important, too. Fashion mavens everywhere will know that no matter how exquisite those strappy, stiletto sandals look, if they pinch the toes so badly they make walking awkward and smiling for the cameras impossible, they’ll have to stay on the showroom floor and out of the wardrobe.

Some people like to design spaces so a design career based on interior decorating will make every room a playroom and others will design toys for children and adults that add to the fun.

For others, a design degree might lead to the ever-growing field of website design and development, the greeting cards industry, or amusement park development. Regardless of the industry, good design is vital to establishing product identity and easily recognized products.

Take a quick glance around wherever you happen to be and it’s easy to find dozens of examples of good design in action, from the ubiquitous paper clip to the art that graces a home or office. Whatever it is, it’s quite likely a design degree is part of the equation.