An IT Degree Can Help You Get Into The Computer Industry

Way back in the 1920s, the term “It girl” was coined to refer to the sex appeal of actress Clara Bow.

Bow starred in a movie called “It” and an English screenwriter quickly seized the opportunity to use the term to designate all rising young starlets during their anticipated ascent to stardom.

The “it” referred to back in the 1920s was a fleeting quality, indicating temporary footing along the walk to fame and fortune.

Today, IT refers to a more permanent foothold along the walk of career success, one without so much of the sex appeal, fame, or fortune perhaps but with a lot more solid standing, of longer duration, and in growing demand.

Today’s IT is the IT degree, acronym for Information Technology, the driving force behind the ever-expanding computerization of everything today from our homes to our workplaces to our playscapes. We’ve reached the point of reliance on all things computerized that we all really depend on IT technologists to a tremendous degree.

Many of us feel confident of our computer operating abilities but when it comes time to hook one up or fix one that seems to be on the blink, we know without argument that we need to contact someone with the all-important IT degree to get our ailing equipment up and running smoothly again.

Because computers are everywhere, an IT degree can take the IT technician just about anywhere he or she cares to go, too. Many techs work in corporations or for government agencies, keeping the worlds of commerce and government humming along smoothly.

Other techs holding an IT degree choose consulting work or private practice. We rely on them to keep our computers at home and in small businesses purring like a kitten.

And anyone who’s ever purchased a computer knows that it’s been updated about the time we wrestle it out of the box it came in. The IT degree helps the technicians stay on top of all the latest developments so they can fix whatever problems come their way. Even the ones that boggle the minds of the rest of us.

As computers continue to infiltrate our lives on a more and more intimate basis, there is no end in sight to the need of people holding an IT degree.

The “it girl” of the 1920s was never more than a flash in the pan. Today’s “IT girl,” or guy, can build a very long-term, rock-solid career with an IT degree as its foundation. The work may not lead to stardom but many computer-owners in distress will certainly consider you a hero.