Getting an Education Education Can Help You Become a Teacher

Those of us old enough to have parents or grandparents who were young, raising families, or working

tremendously long hours at grueling, back-breaking physical labor jobs at the dawn of the industrial age and during the great depression surely have memories of these hard-working ancestors drilling us with the value of education education education.

They said it so often it became like a mantra, something we heard even in our sleep. Study hard and get a good education education education.

In fact, according to the founding father of our current system of public education education is the great equalizer. With a well-rounded education, it is possible to raise one’s economic status from a life of hard manual labor to one of easier work with a better paycheck.

Many people of these earlier generations regarded higher learning that leads to an easier life with such reverence that, when getting a good education education itself was considered a noble end and admirable career. Becoming an educator was an honor that many parents considered worthy of the sacrifice and hard work they themselves invested in a child’s higher education.

The course of education has changed pretty dramatically since the turn of the 20th century but the value of it remains high. The career opportunities that await a college graduate far outshine those that await someone with less formal education.

Many parents and grandparents today are proud of their own advanced educational achievements and can compare their lives of the moment to that of their parents and grandparents at similar moments in time. It is easy to see that many of them have lives of less financial worry, fewer physical ailments stemming from hard physical labor, and more job opportunities than their ancestors ever dreamed possible.

It’s not unusual for these well-educated parents to encourage their own children to play a little but to study hard and never forget the value of education education education.