An Education Degree Can Get You a Teaching Job

An education degree is in great demand these days, with the job outlook only getting better in the

next ten years or more, especially for people who choose to channel their education training into the classroom.

One reason an education degree is in such high demand is because today’s burgeoning population of children is quickly outpacing the number of teachers available to teach them. School buildings are overflowing and classrooms are crowded.

There’s a remarkably large number of school teachers slated for retirement in the next decade. Their anticipated absence from the nation’s school systems is seen as yet another factor in the value of a newly awarded education degree. A very large number of job openings is anticipated in the coming years.

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Using an education degree to secure a position as a school teacher is a great way to build stability and job security into a career. It’s impossible to imagine a time when school teachers wouldn’t be actively involved in a person’s childhood.

Teaching school is one occupation that doesn’t seem to be affected dramatically by evolving technologies or trends in the marketplace. Schools do take full advantage of the latest technologies and techniques but school teachers themselves will never be outsourced or become obsolete.

Some occupations are clustered around one major area of influence – computers and Silicon Valley, commerce and New York City, the entertainment industry and Hollywood, for instance. It’s quite possible to work in these industries while located elsewhere but these locations are definitely considered the centralized and best locations for these industries.

Teaching school doesn’t limit the geographic location of a person holding an education degree. School children are everywhere and teachers are needed everywhere there are children.

Relocating one’s career in many industries is often an undesirable or problematic endeavor but an education degree pretty much ensures job opportunities anywhere the graduate chooses to work. And this flexibility in location will remain available throughout a teacher’s career.

Teachers sometimes complain that their education degree should bring in more money and there’s almost no one who would dispute this lament. But other aspects of the industry – positive employment outlook for the duration of a career, high demand, community respect, flexibility of location, and an admirable benefits package – offset the conservative pay scale in ways other industries fall short.

And there’s no way to guarantee anyone holding something other than an education degree will become rich, either. There are plenty of poor stockbrokers, struggling computer developers, and would-be movie stars washing dishes for a living. And their children all benefit from the influence of a good school teacher.