Making Money with a Nursing Degree

In the past it was thought that a nursing degree would do little more than enable an individual to work in a hospital as a nurse. Even as this is doing

a severe injustice to those who spent long and hard hours learning the intricacies of nursing, it is a hard myth to dispel – until you take a look at the want ads in your local Sunday paper! Making money with a nursing degree is easier than ever, and to those who have given credence to the myth that it is only the hospital that will hire degreed nurses the reality check is frequently a wakeup call that has some contemplating a change in their career paths!

There are amazing opportunities only available with a nursing degree and if you have never considered them, you will be selling yourself short! While hospitals are still some of the largest employers, consider that the private sector is becoming a close second. Home health agencies have a high demand of those with a nursing degree and even if becoming a visiting nurse is not what you are considering, remember that the administration of the business end frequently requires candidates to have a nursing degree in order to understand the intricacies of the business itself.

Making money with a nursing degree in an office is not as far fetched as you might imagine. Insurance companies, medical offices, clinics, and all those businesses that rely on the interaction with patients as their stock in trade will need personnel that is not only well versed in office procedures and business administration and accounting, but also hands on nursing. Those in the field of advancing new treatment options and designing treatment plans, especially in physical and occupational therapy, require the nursing background as an integral part of success in the field overall.