An Online College Degree Is a Cheap Alternative to a Four Year School

There was a time when getting an advanced education meant spending years away from family and friends,

often in a big, unfamiliar city. The college student of today doesn’t have to go that far at all, unless he or she really wants to.

Instead, a student today can complete an online college degree program and graduate from college without ever leaving home. Some parents, the kind who really like to worry, are especially fond of this form of college attendance.

In the early days, earning an online college degree was a somewhat risky undertaking. Many people recognized early on the new educational format the computer industry promised and they quickly established online schools although they didn’t have the educational credentials to do so.

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These earliest online college degree programs became known as diploma mills – basically, a student sent in the required amount of money and the school would send him or her a diploma that looked pretty official. There was little, if any, actual education going on.

Perhaps because so many people got taken in by these phony education schemes, the bona fide schools, those already established with classrooms, campuses, and, best of all, respected reputations began offering online college degree programs, too. It was almost impossible not to see that online learning was quickly becoming a very popular educational format.

Today it’s possible to complete an online college degree from almost all the major universities in the world. Each one has different criteria for admission, with the best rates reserved for the citizens of its own country but borders have become a little bit blurred where college attendance is concerned.

Before enrolling for, and especially before paying for, an online college degree, make sure the school you’re interested in has met the appropriate accreditation standards for education in the school’s main place of business. Formal education is highly regulated and all schools must receive a license to conduct the business of education before it can begin taking on students and their money.

Education opportunities have most definitely changed with the times and the technology of the current moment. It is possible to earn a complete online college degree without ever leaving home. If that’s what you want.