Getting an Education from Fashion Schools Can Get You Into the Fashion Industry

Do you love clothes? Do you absolutely, positively LOVE clothes?

If so, you may want to follow the lead of many other fashionistas and enroll in one of the many fashion schools around the country.

Many people find that fashion schools are much more involved than just knowing how to put together a great wardrobe. Some people just seem to have a knack for assembling cool outfits but others will find that the trade secrets revealed in class take a lot of the mystery, or guess work, out of the process.

And there’s no doubt that in fashion schools you’ll learn everything there is to know about clothes, clothes, and more clothes. You’ll learn a tremendous amount more, too, and sometimes the knowledge will be about things you’d never imagine.

History is a subject we rarely associate with fashion schools but the history of fashion is very important to a designer. The old adage that history repeats itself is hardly more obvious than in the fashion industry, where trends come and go. And come back again a decade or so later.

Fashion schools are big on geometry, too. Without understanding geometry, there’s no way to design clothing effectively. After all, you’re ultimately taking a two dimensional piece of fabric and converting it into a three dimensional article of clothing. That’s what pattern making is all about.

Of course, everyone seems to understand that the better we look, the better we feel. This understanding becomes deeper in fashion schools, where the psychology of color will be studied as well as the mental and emotional impact of clothing such as uniforms, formal wear, and pajamas.

You don’t have to have a name like Valentino, Dior, Halston, or Hilfiger to enroll in fashion schools. A true love of all things clothing will be enough.

And who knows? Someday your name, too, might be stitched into the highly fashionable fabric of time and haute couture fame.