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Earning an MBA Distance Education Degree

In the United States around the time of the Industrial Revolution, business leaders and educators came together to devise a course of education that would combine the study of the

business world with some other disciplines that must have seemed rather far-fetched at the time. They included the study of such things as psychology, finance, and sociology.

The formula must have worked handsomely because the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees that were conceived during that time have become very prestigious marks of educational achievement all around the world today.

Many schools offer MBA degree programs and, in keeping with the forward-thinking founders of the program, today’s programs are evolving to keep up with the current times.

As a result, many schools have harnessed the power of the internet to bring MBA distance education to students everywhere, even when they are located far, far away from a college campus. Many local programs are available to students in foreign lands.

And many of those foreign lands offer their own MBA distance education programs to the citizens of their own countries. Cultural and geographic circumstances in many countries are such that not everyone who wants to can actually get to a classroom on a regular basis but the internet and mail systems make the education a possibility nevertheless.

According to the administrators and registrars of schools offering MBA distance education options, the only difference in the distance education and the on-campus education is one of delivery. The method of delivery changes the format of the message but does not change the message itself at all.

Every school offering a quality MBA distance education program must meet the same accreditation criteria that a campus-based program does. This means the procedures, curriculum, and even the qualifications of the educators themselves must meet the same standards, regardless of method of delivery.

During the Industrial Revolution, an MBA degree was a rare and lofty asset but today, in the midst of the Technology Revolution and with the help of an MBA distance education program, the degree is just as lofty but a little more accessible.