With a Culinary Arts Degree You Can Get a Job as a Head Chef

Some people balk at the idea of food as art but students of the culinary arts will quickly explain.

Food prepared with talent, creativity, and passion are just as artistic as the works of any other artist.

True, the works of culinary arts don’t have the timelessness associated with most other genres of art. After all, sculpture, architecture, and many other artworks are “alive” and viable for years, perhaps even centuries or longer.

Culinary arts aren’t the kind of art intended to span the ages. They are meant to delight the senses right now.

There’s much more to culinary arts than tonight’s dinner, too, although an expertly prepared meal is considered by many to be a thing of beauty.

There are contests, shows, and other competitions and exhibitions staged around the world that draw top talent from all continents.

It’s the pastry chefs who seem to take their talents to the very height of the culinary arts. These dedicated artisans stage events that showcase their talents – and their imaginations – in ways that seem hardly befitting of food.

In culinary arts competitions based solely on chocolate, one is likely to find scuptures three or four feet tall made from choclate in every shade of brown, from pale cream to almost black. The subject matter may be animals, flowers, whimsical or realistic, or anything in between.

When exploring culinary arts at such events, it isn’t unusual to find chocolate skyscrpers, ballerinas, and fantasy scenes. The creative interplay of the different shades of the color chocolate are depicted in polka dots, stripes, checkerboard patterns, plaids, and whatever pattern captures the imagination of the master craftsman behind it. These chocolate sculptures are often fragile and delicate as a feather and many of them are decorated with airbrushed details in every color of the rainbow.

For a truly enchanted view of culinary arts, at least one world-famous resort in the United States features the magic of spun sugar in its finest restaurants. These glistening depictions of beloved cartoon and storybook characters are’t meant to be eaten. They are visual treats for the eyes alone and the “magicians” who create them command salaries in the six-figure range.

As all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so are the culinary arts. Many people don’t understand many works of art; they just don’t “get” the message.

This missed message is rarely found in the culinary arts. The ultimate understanding of this art is how absolutely delicious the work tastes.