Exploring the Validity of Online Degrees

With the growth of online education, it was only a matter of time before several highly coveted degrees were

available via online class attendance. Nursing being one of them and the online teaching degree another; this might have you wondering who the perfect candidate for an online teaching degree is. After all, there is a certain level of hands on experience that must be required before a teacher can truly be considered ready to set foot inside a classroom.

Interestingly, as you find out for whom an online teaching degree is a perfect addition to the resume, more often than not you come face to face with an educator who is already active in the field, but perhaps not fully credentialed or working under an emergency credential. These were popular not too long ago when a severe teacher shortage swept the country, yet with the threat of impending budget cuts making the further employment of such educators highly questionable, those who are not yet tenured or fully credentialed stand to gain the most from earning an online teaching degree.

When you investigate the various online teaching degree programs, you will find that the vast majority require in classroom practice prior to graduation, and those already working in the field have the option of applying this experience to the requirement, thereby not only shortening the time needed to earn the degree, but also quickly obtaining the degree that might spell job security.

Others taking advantage of these courses are those currently employed in adjunct fields who wish to make the move to becoming an educator. Their experience may qualify them for some prior learning credit that will once again shorten the time needed to earn the degree while at the same time permitting them to continue on working in their current field.