ACT Practice Test Help

The ACT exam, a college admissions test which can be taken in place of the SATs, requires a commitment

on the part of the student to engage in an adequate preparation process to increase their chance of achieving a high score, and subsequently being considered by those colleges and universities among their top choices. There are many different study aids and resources available to high school students preparing to take the ACT exams, including courses taught in formal classroom settings, lessons by a private tutor, online resources and ACT prep books. Each of these resources can be quite valuable to students who approach the study process seriously, and all have the one common factor of using an ACT practice test as an important tool to facilitate the preparation process.

An ACT practice test allows students to familiarize themselves with the type and structure of questions asked as well as gauging how well they are able to complete all questions and sections in the allotted time. The ACT is broken down into four mandatory sections including, English, Math, Science and Reading and also has an optional essay section added to the exam in 2005. An ACT practice test includes mock versions of all these sections, as well as an answer key by which to check your work. This enables students to not only calculate their overall score on the ACT practice test, but also to view their results per section, highlighting those areas in which they excel and those in which they need a little extra help.

The ACT practice test will also include the optional essay section, which students are encouraged to prepare for and take during the formal exam. Some colleges and universities require this section, so it is better to take it so you will not be excluded from any top picks due to a lacking admissions requirement.