Take an SAT Practice Test

The SAT is administered to college bound high school students prior to applying for colleges. The score achieved on the exam will have a direct effect on

which colleges students will be considered for admission. Therefore, much emphasis is placed on adequately preparing for the SAT’s up to a year prior to actually taking the test. For students preparing for the SAT’s there are various resources available to aid in study and preparation. Perhaps one of the most valuable of these study aides is the SAT practice test. An SAT practice test is a mock SAT exam which students can use a study guide to familiarize themselves with the types of questions they will be asked as well as an important tool in measuring the student’s progress throughout the preparation period.

Many experts agree that taking an SAT practice test at the very beginning of the preparation process, before any studying has actually begun, will provide the student with an idea of those subject areas and types of questions in which they excel, and conversely, those which will need some extra study time devoted. When taking this initial SAT practice test, a student is encouraged to answer all questions, even if taking an educated guess and only allot themselves the time per section which will be allowed during formal testing. Once a student has completed the SAT practice test, they will be able to calculate their score using the answer key, as well as learning the correct answers to any that they got wrong.

Charting the results of this and every subsequent SAT practice test leading up to the exam will allow the student to see progress in certain subject areas as well as overall. Additionally, if a particular subject area is fairly strong, with the exception of one area, like a certain type of math problem, chart this as well so that those specific areas in which a student needs help can be closely monitored. Taking an SAT practice test periodically throughout the preparation process can help a student pinpoint those areas in which they need help as well as providing a tangible gauge of the progress being made.