The Best Business Schools in the Country

Business schools are great ways to launch a new career or to breathe some life into one that has stalled. All types of businesses need graduates of business schools to keep the business running smoothly and efficiently.

Graduates of business schools can find work anywhere. This cannot be said for the astrophysicist, the expert on orangutans, or the vegan chef specializing in live foods only. Those jobs are a little too esoteric for widespread employment.

But the astrophysicist, the simian biologist, and the way-out-there chef must rely on graduates of business schools to keep the doors open to their businesses so they, too, can have jobs.

Graduating from any one of the country’s many business schools may lead to work in the private sector working companies large to small.

In the smallest enterprises, even the mom-and-pop kind, employees who’ve attended business schools can provide valuable insight into market trends and current innovations as well as to the lessons of history for the particular industry. Smaller companies usually have less financial leeway to survive errors in judgment and the passion of the business can cloud judgment in distressing ways.

All government entities rely on graduates of business schools to manage them in appropriate order. There are many government auditing, oversight, and legal procedures that must be followed to the letter and the agency, whichever one it happens to be, almost always reports performance directly to the taxpayers within their jurisdictions. Business managers must possess a high level of integrity as well as a thorough knowledge of all regulations and procedures.

Everyday 9-to-5 jobs aren’t the only jobs available to graduates of business schools, either. Many graduates choose to pursue a career as a consultant in an industry of particular interest to them.

After working a while in a given industry, many employees with educations from business schools strike out on their own as consultants to share what they’ve learned both on the job and in school. They work when they want, often accepting only the projects that interest them the most.

Some of the best business managers got their starts from the ground up or in a position that called for a more specialized education, say in science, music, or education. After working in these positions for a while, many employees turn to business schools to get the credentials needed for a move into a management or executive position, which often increases their incomes along with their job satisfaction.