Profiling Successful Graduates with Paralegal Degrees

Who earns a psychology degree? In the past you might have answered the premier candidate for

such a course of education would have to be a budding psychologist or psychiatrist, but this no longer holds true for the present time. As you embark on exploring the marketability if a psychology degree, it soon becomes clear that there is more to psychology than treating patients and helping others work through their lives’ issues. Granted, clinics and hospitals as well as counseling centers are still the premier employers in search for qualified applications with a psychology degree, but they are no longer the only game in town.

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For example, savvy advertising firms now actively recruit those who hold a psychology degree. After all, with rapidly changing consumer behavior the need to craft marketing campaigns that are effective while at the same time perhaps even trend generating is becoming harder, especially considering the online influences on consumer behavior! Degreed psychologists will provide the background needed to draft a successful ad campaign or, in the alternative, provide some insight as to why a campaign that had all the makings of a great marketing tool simply did not work out.

Why earning a psychology degree is a good idea is also underscored by the opportunities for professional advancement. With the availability of the online classroom, those wanting to further their education while working in the field are greatly aided; at the same time, even a degreed psychologist who wishes to switch gears will benefit from online classes that might help steer her or him into a new career field altogether, even as the psychology degree – when combined with the education required for the new field – will most likely separate the candidate from the rest of the job applicants and thus open the doors that might remain closed to others.