Choosing among an Ocean of Degrees at State Universities

If one were to look at the job market of the 21st century, they would immediately notice a major shortage of qualified educators.

Today, every state in the United States is in desperate need of qualified educators in all aspects of education. The reason of this shortage lies within the universities. Today, students are not attracted to earning an university education degree. Education is one of the most unpopular majors on most college campuses around the US.

Why is the University Education Degree at the Least Popular Major Today?

It is very strange that when you think that education would not be successful without highly qualified, dedicated teachers. Teaching is such a rewarding profession where teachers touch student’s lives on a daily basis. If it is so rewarding, then why doesn’t anyone want to pursue an university education degree at the school? The answer may because of what most states offer to for their teachers. Today, teachers are among the lowest paid professionals with a college education.

Most teachers only make an average salary of $30,000 to $40,000 per year. Of course, most teachers only work nine months of the year, but what most people don’t realize is that this small salary is for a complete year worth of work. Although most teachers have the summers off, many of them have to work second jobs just to make ends meet. In addition to low salaries, teachers have to put up with very poor working conditions such as extreme discipline problems from unruly students, lack of materials and supplies from the school districts, and many teachers work with administrators who are not tuned into the teacher’s classroom needs. Many teachers are not supported by their administrators. With such working conditions, college students would rather spend their time studying for a career that is going to offer a higher pay and much better working conditions.

Most teachers are not even able to pay back their school loans because of their low salaries and high cost of living. To solve this problem, all of the states need to work on improving teacher salary and working conditions. Once these conditions are improved, more college students will be attracted to earning an university education degree at the school. However, despite these conditions, students should consider a secondary degree or a minor in Education because being about to be a teacher if one’s career fails is always a great alternative.