Get GMAT Testing Information So You Can Ace The Test

Considering a graduate degree in business? You’ll want to check into the GMAT testing requirements

and restrictions so you can schedule an appointment to take this very important test that is instrumental in admission to graduate school.

The GMAT testing program, officially called the Graduate Management Admissions Test, is one of the criteria by which business schools determine which MBA applicants to accept and which to turn away. The test is used accordingly all around the world.

No matter where you take it, GMAT testing costs $250 US dollars, as 2007 statistics indicate.

In locations where a well-established computer network is established, such as the United States and Canada, GMAT testing is done on computers only. Locations with less extensive computer networks present the test on computers at centrally located testing centers and a few still offer hard-copy versions of the test.

The GMAT testing program was first developed in 1953 as an association of only nine business schools in an attempt to streamline the assessment process for students applying for admission. Today, the test is administered to more than 200,000 applicants each year applying for admission to schools everywhere. Fifteen hundred schools and 1,800 business programs use the test scores to assess applicants’ abilities.

The object of the GMAT testing program is to measure the applicant’s basic mathematical, verbal, and analytical skills as they pertain to the business world. Each aspect of the test is timed and questions not answered are counted against the applicant’s score.

GMAT testing was developed around a score range of between 200 and 800 points for the mathematics and verbal sections combined. The analytical writing section is graded separately. Using data from the school year ending in 2006, the mean test score was 533, with 68% of all applicants testing between 400 and 600.

GMAT testing scores remain in effect for a period of five years between testing and enrollment in business school.