Good Psychology Colleges Are Few And Far Between

Why did she say that? How could anybody DO such a thing? Is he out of his mind? Are you crazy?

We’ve all asked these questions from time to time and most of us don’t really expect an answer. Some of us, however, do.

We want to know exactly why people do and say what they do and say. For us, psychology colleges hold the key to the mysteries of the mind. Our own and everybody else’s.

Psychology colleges are often a part of a larger university system that offers educational opportunities in many disciplines. Successful education requires focus on one discipline, in this case it’s psychology, but we, like all other students enrolled in the university system, will also need to take some classes in other fields of study as well, like English, math, history, and such.

When psychology colleges are integrated within a larger system, the elective, or subsidiary, classes we’ll need are close at hand, so we can easily stay focused on the study of psychology.

And we’ll need to stay focused. The best jobs, in fact most jobs, in this occupation require advanced degrees from psychology colleges. A bachelor’s degree will most likely qualify us for the position of assistant to the psychologist but a graduate degree is required before we can actually be the psychologist ourselves.

But even before we get to start working to figure out why people say and do what they say and do, although we’ve completed studies at our psychology colleges, we’ll need to get a license or certificate first. Some states issue licenses but others issue certificates so, whichever credential the state of our choice issues, it is needed before we can do certain types of work.

Graduates of psychology colleges usually work in one of three fields of psychology – clinical, counseling, or school.

Psychology colleges train clinical psychologists to work in healthcare facilities where they examine, diagnose, and devise treatment programs designed to help patients cope with illness, injury, or other crises of life. Counseling psychologists often work with people who want to improve their everyday quality of living or working. School psychologists, of course, help students of all ages and all grade levels to overcome obstacles that might be hindering the education process.

It takes many years to complete all levels of psychology colleges but the industry is growing rapidly and demand is rising. So if someone asks you if you are crazy for wanting to spend all that time in school, tell them no. You just want to help others while enjoying a very rewarding career of your own.