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May 2002 Publication Announcement from ABC-CLIO

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The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive treatment of higher education in the U.S. today. As reflected in the attached list of entries, we aim to cover virtually all significant topics in the realm of higher education, focusing in particular on developments since World War II. We hope the Encyclopedia will be of value to many different kinds of users, from undergraduates researching topics in history and social issues, to faculty and policy-makers seeking concise information on the issues affecting U.S. colleges and universities. We also aim to provides basic definitions and details of U.S. higher education to a broad international audience.

When we were approached with the concept for this project, the Senior Acquisitions Editor for ABC-CLIO proposed a two-volume work of approximately 350,000-400,000 words. This works out to roughly 250-300 entries of varying length (between 300 and 4,000 words ea.), depending on the scope of the topic, supported by illustrations and bibliographical references. Entries for the Encyclopedia are to be contributed and signed, and should be written at the level of the New York Times or the Economist – intelligent, free of jargon, and accessible to a wide audience. The scope of this project gives us the opportunity to engage a mix of well-respected scholars and promising young academics as contributors.

In addition to the two printed volumes, we will be developing a third volume entirely on the World Wide Web. The online component to our encyclopedia will add an exciting dimension to this resource, allowing for greater scope and breadth – as well as the potential for interaction between editors and the audience – than would bound volumes on their own.

Timeline for Publishing
ABC-CLIO has indicated that the Encyclopedia will be published in June, 2002. Tell your friends to keep an eye for it on the ABC-CLIO website. 2-Volumes, estimated 800 pages (June 1, 2002). ABC-CLIO; ISBN: 1576072487. You may also click here for an order form.

The appropriate citation for this publication will be:

Forest, James JF, and Kevin Kinser, eds. 2002. Higher Education in the United States: An Encyclopedia (2 Volumes). Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO.


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