What Makes Other Countries Envious of U.S. Higher Education?

After World War II and the GI Bill, college and university enrollment
doubled. In the years that followed, students revolted, faculty
unionized, and community colleges evolved. Tuition and technology
soared, as did the number of women, first-generation, and minority

The changes over the past 60 years, coupled with guaranteed academic
freedom, have created today’s uniquely American system of postsecondary
education. Higher Education in the United States: An Encyclopedia, a
two-volume set from ABC-CLIO, addresses the issues, events, scholarly
interpretations, and historical context behind our current system of
higher learning.

From academic freedom to virtual universities, campus crime to Pell
grants, student diversity to the Student Privacy Act, Higher Education
in the United States covers the entire spectrum of higher learning.
More than 200 insightful A-to-Z entries written by more than 150
scholars, policymakers, and administrators from around the country give
multiple viewpoints on topics such as:

Affirmative Action
Community service
Curricular innovations
Distance education
Faculty recruitment
Feminist education
Financial aid
Greek life
Industry partnerships
Institutional rankings
Intellectual property
Lifelong learning
Occupational education
Remedial education
Research ethics
Student retention

The first encyclopedia on postsecondary education in a decade, the
illustrated and user-friendly Higher Education in the United States
offers an overview of the changes and developments at American
institutions since World War II. Cross-references and a bibliography
that includes research studies and websites encourage further reading.

Higher Education in the United States illustrates how the influence of
the 3,600 American colleges and universities reaches far into our
economic, political, and intellectual life. This reference set will
enrich research papers and class projects as well as course lectures.
Parents and guidance counselors will find the encyclopedia useful as

James JF Forest is assistant dean for academic assessment and assistant
professor of political science at the United States Military Academy,
West Point, New York.

Kevin Kinser is assistant professor in the Department of Educational
Administration and Policy Studies at the State University of New York at

June 2002 ca. 850pp. ISBN 1-57607-248-7 7 x 10
185.00 (2 Vol.)

To purchase a copy, please call Customer Service at (800) 368-6868 or visit us at www.abc-clio.com.