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Higher Education in the United States: An Encyclopedia
(2 Volumes, co-edited with Dr. Kevin Kinser). ABC-CLIO, 2002

I Prefer to Teach: An International Comparison of Faculty Preference for Teaching. Routledge-Falmer, 2001





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Issues of Instruction

Improving Teaching by Design: Preferred Policies, Programs and Practices
by W. Alan Wright
A Cross-Cultural Look at Perceptions of Good Teaching: Asia and the West
by David Watkins

University Teachers and Instruction: Important Themes for a Global Discussion
by James JF Forest

  Perspectives on Student Learning and Assessment  
Improving Teaching Through Research on Student Learning
by Noel Entwistle
“It’s Just You and the Books”: Learning Conditions and Study Strategies of Distance Learners at the University of the South Pacific
by France Mugler and Roger Landbeck
Portfolios as an Alternative Assessment Practice in Higher Education
by Kari Smith
Encouraging the Use of Collaborative Learning in Higher Education
by Theodore Panitz and Patricia Panitz
How Micronesian Students Learn Skills for Personal Adjustment: Issues of Authority, Self-Disclosure, and Cultural Relevance
by Kyle D. Smith, Seyda Turk. Smith, and Iain K.B. Twaddle
  Training and Development of University Teachers  
The Preparation of University Teachers: A Cross-National Perspective
by Graham Gibbs
Academic Staff Development in South Africa: The Botswana Model
by Michael J. Herrick
A University Teaching Practicum: Unpacking the Model
by John Dwyer
  Images of Policy, Structure, and Organization  
Benchmarking Teaching Performance in Universities: Issues of Control, Policy, Theory, and “Best Practice”
by Margaret Robertson
Work-Based Experience and Higher Professional Learning in British Universities
by Terry Hyland
Quality versus Quantity Objectives: Effects of the Danish University 1990 Bachelor Degree Ordinance on Students’ Educational Experience
by Tronie Rifkin
From Experiment to Enterprise: Distance Teaching at the University of the West Indies
by Howard A. Fergus
Integrating Writing Skills into the Curriculum of the Disciplines: A Social Constructivist Approach
by Sheila Vance and Glenda Crosling
Student Activitism and University Teaching in South Korea
by Yung Che Kim
Accountability Without Tenure: The Impact of Academic Contests on University Teaching at the University of Buenos Aires
by Marcela Mollis and Daniel Feldman


University and college teaching, and the assessment and reward of teaching are among the most important topics in higher education worldwide, and increasing in importance. However, surprisingly little has been done towards collaboratively presenting the growing wealth of quality research on university and college teaching from other parts of the world to academics in the United States, and providing a cross-cultural perspective on this key topic. In the U.S., most of the common policy and methodology options considered by our academics and new professionals are indigenous to our nation. While the policies and methods used in foreign countries cannot be copied, insights from other countries can inform our discussions. There are many dimensions under the general rubric of university and college teaching, including preparation, assessment, and reward. In an international perspective, within each of these dimensions resides a number of cultural and social influences, such as language, religion, and history.

While a considerable richness of different perspectives and topics is offered by this book, a main concern is to provoke the reader to observe the many commonalities in the thinking and approaches towards college teaching that pervade higher education systems worldwide, and from these commonalities derive the insights needed to address the challenges of today’s higher education environment. The chapters of the volume address either broad themes of policy and specific issues of methodology, from national, regional, or international perspectives. The collection of authors – most of whom have published widely on the topic of teaching and learning in higher education – is truly international.

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Higher Education in the United States: An Encyclopedia
(2 Volumes, co-edited with Dr. Kevin Kinser). ABC-CLIO, 2002

I Prefer to Teach: An International Comparison of Faculty Preference for Teaching
Routledge-Falmer, 2001


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