Editors’ Choice

  • 2007
    • Fall issue
      1. Technical Writing: Skills and Citizenship Full text
      2. Against Study Abroad: US Mexican Immersion Full text
      3. Contextual Media Literacy Revisited Full text
    • Spring issue
      1. Interrogating Suburbia in The Virgin Suicides Full text
      2. Problem-based Learning in the Study of Literature Full text
      3. Married Women’s Address Forms Variation in China Full text
  • 2006
    • Winter issue
      1. Global Competency: An Interdisciplinary Approach Full text
      2. Emergence of self-regulation among online learners Full text
      3. Thank You for Smoking: Learning about Politics Full text
    • Fall issue
      1. Intergenerational Service-Learning Full text
      2. Environmental Arts in a Theological Context Full text
      3. Media Literacy and Student/Teacher Engagement Full text
    • Spring issue
      1. Citizenship and Service Learning Full text
      2. Reflection and Validity in Qualitative Research Full text
      3. Studying Le Ballon rouge with False Beginners Full text
  • 2005
    • Winter issue
      1. Lit circles, collaboration and student interest Full text
      2. Increasing Self-Efficacy Through Mentoring Full text
      3. Developing Teacher Efficacy through Shared Stories Full text
      4. Seeing and Reading through the Culture of War Full text
    • Fall issue
      1. Media Literacy in Journalism Education Curriculum Full text
      2. “Doing Disney” Fosters Media Literacy in Freshmen Full text
      3. Integrating Mathematics and the Language Arts Full text
    • Summer issue
      1. Leadership Preparation in Dangerous Times Full text
      2. Writing Under the Bodhi Tree Full text
      3. Integrating Music in History Education Full text
      4. The Mirror Crack’d-History Reflected by Hollywood Full text
    • Spring issue
      1. Caveats for Teaching the Novel Full text
      2. Teaching Citizenship through Service-Learning Full text
      3. Keeping the “Learning” in Service-Learning Full text
  • 2004
    • Winter issue
      1. Reflecting on Online Teaching and Learning Full text
      2. Trial by Fire: New Librarians as Team Teachers Full text
      3. The Best of Both Worlds: Teaching a Hybrid Course Full text
    • Fall issue
      1. The Quest for Meaning in Educational Research Full text
      2. Beginning a Team Journey of Discovery Full text
      3. Journal Writings of a School Psychologist Full text
    • Summer issue
      1. The War College Experience Full text
      2. An Instrument to Measure Mathematics Attitudes Full text
      3. Introducing Islam Through Qur’anic Recitation Full text
      4. The Cosmos Corner Full text
    • Spring issue
      1. Media and Theory Through the Writing Process Full text
      2. An Information Literacy Umbrella for Instruction Full text
      3. Factors Affecting Student Adoption of Online Education Full text
  • 2003
    • Winter issue
      1. A Novel Understanding of Ecology Full text
      2. Shared Insights from University Co-Teaching Full text
      3. Tapping Multiple Voices in Writing Center Assessment Full text
    • Fall issue
      1. Literature and International Relations: The Challenges of Interdisciplinarity Full text
      2. Building on Students’ Experiences in Teacher Education Full text
    • Summer issue
      1. Why Teachers Should Also Write Full text
      2. The Mind as a Novel Metaphor Full text
    • Spring issue
      1. Usage of Content in Web-Supported Academic Courses Full text
      2. Teaching Medical Informatics Online Full text
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Editors’ Choice: full-text articles recognized for one or more of the following, examples from recent recommendations in no particular order:

  • demonstrates a useful practice that teachers from all disciplines would benefit from
  • describes classroom attitudes and behaviors from various perspectives
  • formulates a novel and interesting idea that appears to be a very effective teaching tool
  • illustrates ideas that can be applied to other disciplines and courses
  • offers succinct and clear style, enjoyable to read
  • provides exposition and explicating both sides of the issue
  • motivates teachers to rethink how they communicate directions and expectations
  • exemplifies current scholarly trends
  • deals with a significant, vital issue in education
  • adds to our knowledge of the challenges in helping ‘behind the times’ faculty
  • makes a significant original contribution to the field
  • contains elements which have general application
  • presents an innovative approach toward dealing with significant teaching issues

Certainly all published submissions could satisfy one or more of the above criteria. However, at the end, a decision had to be made, select 2-4 articles out of 50-60 accepted for Editors’ Choice publication. To this effect, often, early submission (so encouraged by this journal) influences the outcome… Often, they are likely to become leading articles in a print edition (titles appear on journal’s cover). To read other full-text articles, see Readers’ Choice