Table of Contents

VOLUME 1: Global Themes and Contemporary Challenges

The chapters of the first volume review and integrate the literature in a specific subject area, provide a critical analysis of this literature, draw connections with subjects covered elsewhere in the Handbook, and highlight some practical implications of the existing research. Each chapter conveys a snapshot of where the field stands in this area of inquiry.

Chapters include: History of Universities (Harold Perkin), Finance (Arthur Hauptman), Globalization (Philip Altbach), Management (George Keller), Massification (Martin Trow), Quality Assurance (Elaine El-Khawas), and Social Benefits (Henry Rosovsky, et al).

VOLUME 2: Regions and Countries

The chapters of the second volume provide in-depth analyses of regional and national higher education issues. An introductory chapter provides a brief overview on the comparative study of higher education, establishing a context for the themes chosen to emphasize regionally and nationally throughout the volume.

Chapters include: Arab World, Central Europe, Developing Countries, European Integration, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and over 25 individual country chapters.


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